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Candy Nutrition / Trending / GRW - RAPID DNA DROPS

Boost your immune system botanically with APLGO GRW

''Even through a pandemic our family has remained incredibly healthy for 2 years''

  • Curry Russell, Feb 2023 · 6 minute read

  • Check this out!

    These Ingredients are absolutely incredible.

    GRW is a potent blend of nutrients to help maintain the body’s natural alert and active immune responses & body vitality.

    GRW supports the body’s ability to maintain an already normal:- immune system response*- hair vitality, nail strength and normal vision health*- metabolic balance with a good diet and exercise*- revitalized mood and feeling of overall wellbeing*

    Wrap all this up with a mucosal delivery making it nearly 100% absorbable.  

    GRW is instantly gratifying

    GRW is incredibly delicious

    GRW is a natural immune boost

    And it even even better...

    In the middle of a pandemic APLGO GRW was awarded Immune Product of the Year by Business for home.  Click here to see the results.

    Now You Can ''Protect Your Loved Ones'' With This amazingly Innovative product!

    You and your family can all enjoy the benefits of APLGO's GRW.  

    Brenda Graham GRW SLD APLGO

    Here's How It Works:

    APLGO's Rapid Dna drops are designed to be held in your mouth until dissolved.  WHY?  Because the drops are LOADED with phytonutrients that are absorbed directly into the blood stream via the mucosa.  

    GRW's botanicals are absorbed quickly and those amazing ingredients aren't lost in the digestive process like normal pills and powders. Instead nearly 100% is absorbed into the blood stream!  

    It's Working For Thousands!

    We've been enjoying the benefits of GRW for nearly 2 years. Our children who were constantly dealing with bugs they would catch at school have gone without a single doctor's visit, cold medication, or any sickness.  

    GRW is an absolute god send in our family

    Curry Russell · West Virginia

    Questions and Answers About GRW

    Q: Will it fit in my pocket?

    Absolutely,  you can take GRW anywhere as they are tiny lozenges like lifesavers.  These drops are unbelievably convenient.

    Q: Does GRW taste bad??

    Only if you hate the taste of grapes.  GRW is so good you'll need to hide them from your kids as they'll eat them like candy and that's absolutely ok as they are 100% botanical and 100% safe!

    Q: How many do I need to take?

    Each blister pack contains 15 drops and a box contains 30 drops.  You can take as many as you like but the recommendation is 1 per day making each box last approximately 1 month.  At only $25 per month this is a steal! 

    Conclusion: Should You Buy It?

    Overall Rating


    Value For Money

    Absolutely YES!

    GRW is absolutely the most requested product in the APLGO / Candy Nutrition line-up.

    You'll want to have a box for each family member as they'll go through GRW like crazy.

    You can't honestly go wrong with this product, it tastes great, it's super effective, and honestly your immune system will thank you.

    How To Order GRW?

    That's super easy!

    Step 1: You should order GRW from the official online shop here >>

    Step 2: Sit back and you'll have your GRW in a few business days!

    Get Your GRW Now And Protect Your Family's immunity!

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